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Preferred Installation

Wall Mounting / Counter-top


Double Purification by RO & UV with TDS controller
Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm.
After a pre-set time, Filter Change Alarm is audible which indicates time to replace the
filters. If filters are not changed within next 60 hours of use, the purifier stops functioning,
to avoid the possibility of impure water delivery
In case the UV stops functioning, UV Fail Alarm is audible. The purifier does not
function until the UV lamp is replaced to ensure the delivery of only 100% pure water
Detachable tank for easy on ? site cleaning on regular basis
LED indicator for power and purification display
Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing to prevent tampering
Push ? fit components for leak ? proof performance
Food grade, non ? breakable, transparent ABS plastic construction
Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off
Equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage
tanks, water tankers and even municipal taps
WQA, USA – Gold Seal Certified


Purification Capacity 15** litres/hour
Max. Duty Cycle 75 litres/day
Storage Tank Capacity 8 litres
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon
RO Membrane 1812-75 GPD
UV Lamp Power 11 Watt
Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2
Input Voltage 160 ? 300V AC (50Hz)
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Dimensions L 405 W 330 H 470 (mm)
Net Weight 10.800 kg